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Bali's Finest Artisan Chocolates

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Signature Bars

The richest & smoothest bars that can be found from the beautiful island of Bali. Indulge your taste buds with our new signature bar selection which combines with a fresh look to reflect our inspiration and passion for nature. 

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Chocolate Thins

Deliciously delicate with a smooth and creamy center filling which melts in your mouth. Best shared and enjoyed with friends and loved ones, after a meal or simply as the perfect way to end any perfect occasion.

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Chocolate Coated Nuts

Curated from nature, roasted, then simply coated. Our range of chocolate covered nuts have that moreish quality to them. Great for sharing, but just one handful is never enough! 

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Truffles & Pralines

We've taken Balinese-made chocolate to the next level by bringing you the island’s only premium selection of truly Balinese pralines & truffles. There’s a favorite flavour for everyone from our extensive premium selection.

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Proudly crafted in Bali